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Selected Work

Tirant Razor-m 3.0


Through the process of innovation and trial and error, I refreshed the already successful Tirant Razor by integrating MagLock technology to hold the blade. Through the “Learn - Design - Build” approach, I aim to provide new ideas and directions to products, bringing inventive and innovative concepts.

Created CAD model of product
Created 3D renders for advertisements
Tested in real life situations
Involved throughout the design and manufacturing process

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A saddle bag created to better prepare equestrian groups. Innovative to fit both the english and western saddles  to help it be more convenient to the rider. The primary red flap is a quick release medical bag that can be ready in a moments notice.

Tested at Camp Mivoden Equestrian Center

Learned the use of laser cutting and templates to create repeatable designs in  manufacturing
Worked closely with equestian groups to create this product
Heavily tested at camp for several seasons and still in use

Sierra Desk


Constructed from Baltic Birch Plywood, which was CNC milled out of 3/4in and 1/2in sheets. This desk was designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and filled with functional organization.

Programmed G-Code to create an efficient file
Researched optimal desk depth, computer and screen placement for best ergonomics.

Damon Howatt


Designed stickers for the outdoor traditional bow company, Damon Howatt. This company has been around over 85 years. These stickers were used in the reopening of the company under a new name.

Logo touch up
Hat mockups
Sticker Designs and mockups
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2023-2024 - COMING 2024

Keyline is an upcoming minimalist EDC company focusing on the tiny intricate details that revolutionize its niche. Focusing on the outer line that describes a form, they find their inspiration to create products that define themselves.

Created a brand identity
Brand Mockups
Logo and company name research

some of my

Exceed Designs


Creating innovative products from an idea to mass production

Damon Howatt


Expanding brand Identity with new products like stickers and hats


Coming 2024

Building a new brand that focuses on the outermost details that define an intuitive product.

Mount Adams Summit 2022

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Design Process
Metal Fabrication


CNC Machining
Laser Cutting
3D Printing


Competitor Analysis
Journey Maps

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Webflow | Wordpress | Keyshot | Blender 3D | Solidworks

Who am I?

Kendle is a multi-disciplinary designer who has been in the professional design field for 2 years. His experience in design programs goes back to high school where he became the head yearbook editor. He grew up in Montana where he discovered a love for the outdoors. His passion for hiking, horses, trucks, computers, and many more has led him to strive to create something unique for each interest.  

Each company Kendle has worked for has carried a passion for detail --ranging from new mechanisms to unique forms and materials. He tries to keep that same ethos for caring about the particulars and exploring new options.

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Born in 1999
Graduated University 2022
Married 2022
Bought a house 2023

Stratasys & Keyshot Gaming Mouse Design Challenge
TOP 10 Finalist 2021


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