about me

I am a product designer who has been in the design field for 7 years. My experience in design programs goes back to high school where I became the head yearbook editor. I grew up in Montana where I discovered a love for the outdoors. My passion for hiking, horses, trucks, computers, and many more has lead me to strive to create something special for each person.

   Outside of design, I have enjoyed the backwoods where everything slows down. I dream of having a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where the sun sets on the mountainsides and the fire crackles in the stove. Outside, my horse is saddled and ready to ride. I strive to live a peaceful life, getting to know the world without all of the distractions. However, I enjoy discovering new things and becoming a master of not one, but everything. Here's just a few of the things I know.

tool belt

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Lightroom | Adobe XD | Figma | Procreate | Vector Aspire | Webflow | Wordpress | Keyshot 3D | Rhino 3D | Fusion 3D | Blender 3D | Solidworks 3D

Hard skills

Personal: Design Process | Metal Fabrication | Welding | Woodworking | Mechanics
Research: Surveys | Personas | Interviews | Competitor Analysis | Journey Maps | Storyboards
Prototyping: From sketching ideation to high fidelity mockups | CNC Machining | Laser cutting | 3D Printing | HTML | CSS

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