A workout App

Most workout apps have lots of clutter of unrelated information for a basic workout. The target is a casual fitness character who wants to work out but is overwhelmed by the information.

Goal: A fitness app that provides the user with the basic needs of a workout app.




Fitness can be hard to achieve because it takes time. People loose interest after a few weeks without motivation.
Solution: track progress.

There is a lot of information that a person can get lost in or feel overwhelmed with starting out their journey to becoming fit.
Solution: remove nutrition plans.

Busy schedules lead to inconsistent days where you may need to change the workout plan on the fly.
Solution: generate workouts for days selected.

part 1



Although this isn't the first version, this shows the concept behind the process. The app would land you on the home page to see your progress. The progress page is where you would track the days that you have worked out on. The workout page would feature only the days you have set up to workout on. All of these would still be editable however.

part 1



The biggest flaw in this app is that the interactions can be confusing. This is yet to be fixed and would require a redesign. I decided to continue with this version however because I thought it had the possibility of becoming better. Visual changes did occur to help clarify how a user is supposed to interact with it.

The largest issue is the process of editing days that you want to work out on. Knowing the difference between the days you have set up and the day you are currently editing is an issue.

part 1


the solution

The first fix was to have a check box for the days you want to workout on and then highlight the day you are editing. This interaction has yet to be tested and may change later on.

The second fix to the actual workout is to have a slider to set the reps, sets, and weight. Difference between units are changed in the settings portion.

part 2


The PRogress Page

After designing the logo, adding color to the progress page and settings of the graph, I found it was complicated. Users are not sure what the days mean on the first use and what is setting up their goals. Along with this, people would try to scroll expecting there to be more. To fix most of the confusion, I added a gap at the top of the screen to not only make it look better on phones with notches, but to indicate that there wasn't anything else.

part 2


Limitless is a concept app that is ever changing to fit its needs. This app is meant to focus only on the workouts and tracking your progress.

You can test the app your self here:

Figma Link

part 3