Sierra Desk

A desk elevated by the mountains

Too small of a desk leads to disorganization of items and cords. A desk with a dedicated desktop stand and hidden compartments for wires, allows for proper organization.

Goal: A simple desk to help a designer stay organized



Organization Issues

Most desks end up being disorganized and are hard to keep tidy. The goal was to achieve a clean looking desk at any viewing angle anytime. It is very easy for the computer to take up most of the room on the desk so a dedicated computer location was essential. Lastly, papers crowd the desk quickly and drawers are often too small to hold everything nicely. Because of this, it was a necessity to add large drawers.

part 1



Because the desk is inspired by mountains, I wanted to show off the vertical aspect. To do this, I implemented vertical lines on the side which would then support a floating shelf. I played with the different designs of the legs to achieve a look that seemed light.

part 1


Foam and Chipboard

The final desk would be CNC machined out and to help visualize this process, I made small scale models. The first models started from foam board and chipboard to keep the cost of prototyping down. I explored different corner joints along with the height of the shelf and how many boards to build the side legs with. One of my concerns was the overall strength of the piece and if the top would be able to support someone sitting on it. In order to fix this, I designed a temporary slot where a 1”x1” square steel tube could be placed.

part 1



To keep the table relatively cheap, I tried compacting the design from 3 sheets of 3/4” plywood to 2 sheets. The first issue I had with this design is keeping it square during assembly. In order to fix the drawers so they come out straight, I created shims out of the scrap pieces.

part 2


The Process

To fix the table top not being square, I glued it on as close as I could get it and then added a half inch boarder. This hides all visual clues of the error while adding contrast. Due to the pieces being created after the top, I ended up having to hand plain them down.

part 2



For the finish, a water based polyurethane was used to allow for easy recoats in the future. To get a perfectly smooth finish, several coats were applied and sanded down with 500 grit. Due to some coats being too thick, it was hand planed to take the finish off and start over.

For the second attempt steel wool was used as a finishing grit to give it a satin finish and to hide any imperfections.

part 2


The Sierra Desk fully assembled allows the user to organize their computer wires easily and effectively while giving them lots of space to place their items in the very long drawers.

part 3